Reclaimed Beam Barn-wood Rustic  Light

Reclaimed Beam Barn-wood Rustic Light

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reclaimed barn beam industrial light - rustic light 1800s barn beam and pulley    industrial rustic light   


this rustic industrial light is made from a 1800s reclaimed barn beam 3 foot long metal bird cage bulb covers  a wood wheel  pulley from a 1800s barn 


this is a one of a kind piece the beam shows saw marks knots nail holes cracks has been sealed with water base urethane the beam hangs from 3/4 inch thick rope and a  pulley that  has been cleaned up and sealed leaving the weathered rusted metal original 


pulleys may not be exactly the same as pictured but will be vintage 1920 or older 


pick from 2 or 3 light 



the lights will need to be hard wired or to a plug 



lamp shades will be removed for shipping to prevent damage